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Thanks for your downloading !!
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alessiocerioli @ 10/07/09 09:51
according to me your app is really very useful, but I have a problem when I schedule the time of the reminder, because your app is set on your regional time zone: that is to say six hours forward. Consequently, if I want to receive the notice of calling a friend at 2:00 pm, I have to set 8:00 pm.
More, there isn't a notice badge icon, just like emails, sms, lost calls.
Many thanks for your attention,
Jr @ 10/07/09 16:39
Many thanks for your suggestion !

For the time zone issue, I will fix it and provide a update soon.

But for the badge icon, because I only list the future schedules in "Scheduled Alarm" page(means you will not see the past schedules), so.. if I show the badge icon when a schedule triggered, you actually can't see the triggered schedule in "Scheduled Alarm" page(because the triggered schedule became a past schedule), that will make user confuse(I saw the badge icon but I can't find the schedule in "Scheduled Alarm" page), that's the reason why I didn't show badge icon.

Hope I had answer your question and very thanks.
Jr @ 10/07/09 18:32
Dear Sir,

I had submit a update version for the time zone fix of date picker, and the current status is waiting for Apple's review !!
cabdullahi25 @ 10/08/13 10:04
could you please add support for pause function, to use calling cards. also is it possible to enable or disable pop so that it dials automatically. appreciate for the hard work.
great app
Jr @ 10/08/15 16:39
Dear cabdullahi25,

Thanks for your suggestion first.

For your questions,
1. Sorry I can't get your point of "pause function" and "to use calling cards", could you give me some more detail description for them?

2. For the dialing automatically without pop, it's the limitation of iOS when using the "local notification" in iOS4 (means it must has a pop-up window when a local notification was triggered).
ingen.bekant @ 10/10/04 17:13
Hello Jr Cheng,
After testing the free version, I tried to buy the full version of MOCallAlarm, but I can not find it anywhere?!
C.J. @ 11/03/02 17:30
Button for CALL doesn't work, only a further Popup with "Notice!! Your device can't make a phone call to NUMBER" is shown
Jr @ 11/03/02 19:21
Did you download this APP by iPhone ?
If yes, it might because you were turn on the "flying mode", please try to check it, thx. @ 11/03/07 11:47
free app was installed via itunes, then in-app-sales for the commercial extension. when mocallalarm can't dial (see popup described above), phone-calls can be done without any problem (no flight mode active!) - checked this numerous times: alarm goes off, popup button CALL pressed, then popup with error is shown. press ok and then dial the number via iPhone standard functionality --> works everytime! @ 11/04/20 22:06
Not worth any reply as support? I would say I gave you some time to analyze & reply!
Jr @ 11/04/21 14:28
Very very sorry Sir, actually I had checked many times, but can't reproduce the situation you met. I had also checked the source code again, the dial scenario is using iOS API (means iOS will help me to check if this device can do a phone call).

I paste the code in below, if you could understand.

if ([[UIApplication sharedApplication] canOpenURL:[NSURL URLWithString:dialNumber]]) {
[[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:dialNumber]];
else {
// Popup the error message you met
Jr @ 11/04/21 14:43
The ...

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] canOpenURL: XXX]

is the standard API that Apple provide for developer to check if the device can open a URL, dial a phone call or something else. So... from the code, for what I know and understand, I still can't find out the root cause you met (can't reproduce the situation from my side and the code seems very easy, just using standard API).

What I can guess now is the setting of device, maybe you can try one thing, click the phone number in a mail (if the mail content include a phone number, iPhone can let you click it directly and make a dial), I think this scenario is the same with what I do in my APP. @ 11/04/23 11:33
Tried the Version with the Email and it worked perfectly. From SMS as well. Maybe include an option in the settings to go without the check-API.
Jr @ 11/04/23 14:07
Dear Sir,
Before the modification and submission to APP Store.
I want to have a test on your iPhone first, to see if the change is working or not.
So... I have to register your iPhone for development purposes, then you can install the modified APP without via APP store.

Please refer to below link and try to provide your UDID of iPhone for me, thanks. @ 11/06/15 05:50
Thx for the update. Unfortunately same error.
Jr @ 11/06/15 07:02
It's strange !!
For the new update, I had remove the pop-up window and dial directly. If the direct dial still not work, you should meet a different error that sent by iOS kernel, but will not the same as before.
peggysue @ 11/05/23 16:40
I am getting the same error message as "Device can not make a call to number."
Jr @ 11/05/23 16:53
Hi Peggysue,

Could you let me know your iOS version ?
Jr @ 11/05/28 18:40
I had disable the device check and make iPhone dial directly. The binary file was just submitted to Apple and waiting for the approvement.

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